Engineered from the ground up. Designed for active urban dwellers, built for the day's transitions.

  • Retroreflective

    While we love smart tech solutions, nothing beats the straightforward simplicity of passive design. No USB cables, battery recharging and malfunctioning electronics - wear the RS01 and be seen.

  • Wind Block

    Desperate cyclists stuff newspapers down their shirts to block wind on chilly descents. No more. The RS01 integrates wind blocking panels directly into the shirt construction. We added sueded microfiber panels over the ribs to block just enough wind to keep out the chill. The back, armpits, and sleeves uncovered so you can dump heat as you warm up from the inside.

  • Rear Pocket

    The cel phone hasn't yet been installed into your brain pan. Until then, easy access is the next best option. We installed a rear pocket into the seam with a snap-closure, so you can snag your cel in an instant. Keep your digital device easily at hand, balanced AND out of harm's way.

  • Bonded Edges

    Keep it tight and flat. We removed pattern pieces, and sharpened the silhouette by bonding instead of sewing key elements of the RS01. The cuffs, collar, and wind block are all super-flush (the anti-Puffy shirt). This innovative construction will keep you looking, literally, sharp.